File name         Date  kB      Dlds Description

  • fdninfo.zip
  • 210105 35k 2 Information about the IFDC FileGate, how to get your files distributed, currnet links and policy document.

  • FGPOL007.TXT
  • 161005 14k 3 FileGate policy Draft v.007

  • filegate.hdr
  • 190102 0k 4 FileGate Header comment file for IFDC FileGate archives, to be applied by FDN Coordinators. Use zip -z filename.zip < filegate.hdr to apply to your archives. Does not change the contents of the archive. For RAR, use rar c filename.rar -zfilegate.hdr

  • filegate.zxx
  • 210316 59k 53 Update of IFDC FileGate Echo tags in RAID format. Also contains HUB/connect information.

  • inactive.txt
  • 170428 9k 0 Inactive FDNs no longer listed on filegate.zxx