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 File name     Date    kB  Dlds  Description 040923 2846k    0 BibleToGo For Palm Fast display and
                                intuitive search engine process. Bookmark,
                                History and Clipboard functions. Bible
                                Passage for the Day feature
                       040923  954k    0 ChessToGo For Palm The ultimate chess
                                program for your handheld. Save and load
                                finished or unfinished games. Customize
                                chess board and pieces with different
                                thematic skins. 040923  927k    0 ConversionsToGoForPalm Features more than
                                473 conversion factors for over 7,000
                                possible conversions in more than 50
                                categories. In addition to standard
                                calculator functions, it allows for currency
                                conversions as well as time zone
                                conversions. The best conversion tool for
                                your Palm! 040923 5433k    0 DictionaryToGo for PPC Large Database of
                                more than 150,000 English headwords,
                                definitions, sample sentences, and synonyms.
                                Works with your browser, word processor &
                                more. 040923 6028k    0 DictionaryToGo for Palm The best-selling
                                English dictionary for mobile users.
                                Features a highly intuitive interface and an
                                extensive database of more than 150,000
                                words. 040923  526k    0 ElementsToGo For Palm Database of more than
                                3,000 facts and information. Intuitive
                                search using the element name or symbol.
                                Easily switch between the periodic table and
                                list of elements.   040923  790k    0 LockScreen For PocketPC
                                Security: alphanumeric/graphical passwords.
                                Personalized display: Clock/Calendar/Date.
                                Picture viewer: view your images in a slide.
                                show.    021222   39k    0 The MrCar is a PalmOS tool to trace your
                                complete CAR EXPENSES. This program allows car
                                owners to organize and manage any car expenses,
                                business or personal trips, car fueling,
                                parking, maintenance and service stops,
                                penalties. * Works with Imperial System
                                (gallons, miles) or Metric System (liters,
                                kilometers); * Support for any currency symbols
                                and corresponding formats. Product URL:   
                       040923 7727k    0 ThesaurusToGo for Palm provides you with a
                                database of over 150,000 English words and
                                phrases. It is optimized for fast searching
                                with its highly compressed database.
                                Featuring an intuitive search process, you
                                can lookup any word in a matter of seconds!
                       040923 8157k    0 World Encyclopedia ToGo for PocketPC 27,500
                                facts in 127 information categories on more
                                than 260 countries and territories.
                                Full-color maps and flags for all countries.
                                Now updated with the 2004 database!
                        040923 4622k    0 Word Encyclopedia ToGo for Palm HIRES 27,500
                                facts in 127 information categories on more
                                than 260 countries and territories.
                                Full-color maps and flags for all countries.
                                Now updated with the 2004 database!
                       990830   41k    0 AddressPro v3.0 (c) Copyright August 1999 by
                                Jacob Zinger. Req PalmOs v3.0 or above   990818   10k    0 Password storage/security program. Req PalmOS
                                2.0.  Shareware.    990625    8k    0 Awele a logic game played against the computer.
                                Req Palm OS (any version) 990622    8k    0 BatteryInfo is a simple application which
                                displays some information about the battery
                                state of your PalmPilot. It shows you the
                                current voltage and the approximate percentage
                                of remaining charge, whether or not your
                                PalmPilot is plugged in (only applies to Palm
                                V), what battery type your PalmPilot has, and
                                what the voltage thresholds for the low battery
                                warnings are. 990625    8k    0 Bismarck Light is a solitaire-style card game.
                                Req. Palm OS (any version)   971121   11k    0 "Country Codes" is small database utility for
                                creating and editing telephone access country
                                codes. Included is a database with country
                                codes for almost all countries on Earth. You
                                can use Pilot's "Find" button to search through
                                it's database. Freeware. 041025  373k    0 CHM eBook Reader for Pocket PC is a program,
                                that allows you to view files in the most
                                common Windows help format (*.CHM, also
                                known as "compiled HTML"), on the Pocket PC
                                platform. 991026   18k    0 Calendar calculator Requirements: PalmIII or
                                higher FEE: $10 to Edmund J. Witkowski III 
                                E-mail: 000204  103k    0 DiddleBug is a feature-packed application that
                                acts like an electronic sticky note to which
                                you can attach an alarm.  Other features
                                include freehand sketching, a variety of pen
                                shapes, and objects, multiple alarms and more. 990826 4092k    0 Documents To Go. Req PalmOS 2.0. Documents To
                                Go lets you view Word, WordPerfect and Word
                                Pro, Excel, Quattro Pro and Lotus 1-2-3 files. 
                                Shareware.   000204   51k    0 Earth&Sun lets you view the area of the Earth
                                illuminated by the sun for any given time. It
                                also displays the latitude and longitude of the
                                selected location, the time zone, sunrise and
                                sunset times, and the length of day at that
                                location. 991026   15k    0 Gas Mileage/Useage calculator Requirements:
                                PalmIII or higher FEE: $10 to Edmund J.
                                Witkowski III E-mail: 961006    5k    0 HackMaster is a system-patching manager for
                                your PalmPilot. It uses an open standard for
                                separately downloadable "hack" files, and
                                provides a way to manage them. It performs the
                                dirty work of installing and uninstalling the
                                patches, and even maintains a proper chain of
                                hacks that try to patch the same trap. It
                                allows~you to install and uninstall them in any
                                order, instantly, without restarting. It also
                                records your currently active set of
                                extensions, and gives you the option of
                                automatically reinstalling them after a soft
                                reset. Many PalmPilot hacks require this tool.
                                Req. Palm OS (any version). Shareware 971102   16k    0 This is Hearts for PalmPilot Version 1.1.  It
                                includes a couple of important bug fixes and a
                                couple of minor improvements. 990528    4k    0 HideIconHack, hides selected icons from your
                                launcher. This hack is for anyone who doesn't
                                use all of the built-in applications or uses
                                certain applications infrequently. It provides
                                a pull-down menu that displays all currently
                                installed applications - just tap on any
                                application you wish to hide. Once the hack is
                                activated, you will no longer see icons for the
                                selected apps. Check out HideIconHack if you'd
                                like an easy way to rid your launcher of unused
                                or little used applications. 990830  786k    0 Highway Manager Pro v2.5 / by
                                Highway Manager is a gas mileage application
                                that supports both metric and imperial
                                measurements. Shareware. 990622    7k    0 IMR vs bmd (a slightly altered and updated
                                version of IMR-bmd) is played on a 20x10 board
                                that is filled with multiple types of symbols.
                                Your goal is to remove all the items from the
                                board. This is accomplished by tapping on
                                groups of symbols that match and are adjacent
                                to each other. The larger the group, the more
                                points you earn. The game starts off fairly
                                simply, but strategy is essential since the
                                columns shift each time you complete a move.
                                This version features multiple Undo ability,
                                the option to export a particular board, the
                                availability of various symbol packs and much
                                more. Req. Palm OS (any version). Free 000204   16k    0 Paragon Software Jolly Roger captures screen
                                shots from your Palm and transfers them to your
                                PC through the HotSync function. Req. Windows
                                NT or 9x and Palm OS (any version)  990621    7k    0 logic and strategy game. Req: Palm OS (any
                                version)   990803   50k    0 LookDA v2.3. LookDA provides assistance in
                                entering text using Graffiti within any
                                application.  LookDA is a Desk Accessory.  When
                                you invoke it, it opens along the bottom of the
                                screen.  As you enter words, it presents
                                suggested completions.  You can tap any of the
                                suggestions to insert it into the text.  LookDA
                                also provides command-key shortcuts for
                                changing the case of the first letter of the
                                current word  and for deleting the current
                                word. 990627    7k    0 Minibook 1.5.  Freeware address manager.  990816   38k    0 PopUp Calculator, v1.0. Requires PalmOS 2.0+.
                                Shareware.  990225   14k    0 PopNote v1.0 PopUp Note is a HackMaster
                                extension for adding a note to the MemoPad
                                database without quitting the current
                                application. There is a setup where you can
                                choose the key stroke to activate it.
                                Shareware.   990309    9k    0 Ram Hog displays all the databases installed on
                                your Pilot in Size order! Each line shows the
                                Database name, number of bytes in use, & the
                                percentage of Used Ram it occupies. Scroll
                                through the list with the hardware buttons. Now
                                you can see what is hogging up all your Ram!
                                Displayed at the bottom of the screen is the
                                Total Ram in bytes, the Free Ram in bytes and
                                what percentage of memory is Free. The Free Ram
                                percent gets smaller as the Pilot gets full.
                                The Statistics screen displays what type of
                                databases are taking up the most memory. Apps,
                                DOC files, Hacks, & J-File databases are
                                summarized. Req. OS 2 or 3, PalmPilot Personal,
                                Professional or Palm III. 041115  300k    0 Fool (and its variants) card game appeared
                                in Russia in the nineteenth century and
                                quickly gained widespread popularity.
                                FEATURES: 2 AI (Friendly/Aggressive), Easy
                                rules, Championship mode, Attractive
                                graphics, Customizable graphics (BGs etc),
                                Sound, Game save/load, Most popular card
                                game in Russia, Animation. Available for
                                Windows and Palm computers. This is the Palm
                                version.    990620    4k    0 Rtrek v1.80  This is game for the Palm Pilots. 
                                It is a game centered around a space theme. 
                                You are the commander of a space shuttle, that
                                is invaded by an Alien. The program is Freeware
                                and is offered by Rware(tm).  Contact at
                       000204   17k    0 Read and send email from wherever you are.
                                ThinMail is compatible with the POP3 and IMAP
                                protocols, uses SSL encryption for security.
                                You can also use email services like hotmail,
                                etc., browse newsgroups and more 990629   14k    0 TopSecret keeps your sensitive data safe. You
                                can use it to store passwords, credit card
                                numbers, or any other type of personal data.
                                Instead of remembering multiple passwords, you
                                only need to memorize the password you assign
                                to TopSecret. User-customizable categories help
                                you organize different types of data. The
                                Preferences screen allows you to change your
                                password (as long as you know your current one)
                                and set the length of time you can use the
                                program before the password times out. It
                                features 128-bit encryption to provide strong
                                security. Req. Palm OS (any version). Free 990820   98k    0 The ZipCode+. Requires PalmOS 2.0. ZipCode+
                                presents a similar interface to the built-in
                                Address Book. All entries are sorted by state.
                                First, select the desired state from the drop
                                down list at top right. Alternatively, select
                                Select State (/J) from the Record menu and
                                enter its two character abbreviation. You can
                                scroll up or down the list or enter the first
                                few characters of the city name in the Look Up