Zone 1 is the designation of the FidoNet network in North America, and is comprised of 10 Regions on the North American continent.   Regions are geographically organized.   The division of the continent by regions promotes the feeling of community within FidoNet members and members of the towns and cities within them .

To Send e-mail to Coordinator from specific Region, see the  KEY on the right,  or click on the map.
Region 10: California, Nevada, Hawaii Region 10: California, Nevada, Hawaii Region11: Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan Region12: Eastern Canada,NFLD NS PEI NB PQ ONT Region13: Mid Atlantic,DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV Mid West,IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD Region15:AZ, CO, NM, UT, WY, Region16:CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT Region17:North West,AB, AK, BC, ID, MB, MT, OR, NWT, SK, WA, YT Region18:SE US & Caribbean,AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN, PR Region19: TX, AR, OK, LA
Region 10: California, Nevada, Hawaii
Region 11: Illinois,  Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky,
Region 12: Eastern Canada: ON, PQ, NB, PE, NS, NF
Region 13: DC, Delaware, Maryland, NY, NJ, Penn., Virginia,
                  West Virginia
Region 14: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska,
                  North Dakota, South Dakota
Region 15: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Region 16: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
                  Rhode Island, Vermont
Region 17: NorthWest Canada, and some NorthWest US states:
                  AB, AK, BC, ID, MB, MT, OR, NWT, SK, WA, YT
Region 18: Caribbean, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi,
                  North Carolina, S. Carolina, Tennessee, Puerto Rico
Region 19: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma